To keep cashmere looking its best season after season, we recommend steaming it. Steam gives the same effect as a dry-clean and kills most of the bacteria.

When it is time to wash, you can choose to dry-clean or hand-wash:

  • Soak your cashmere in cold water
  • Gently squeeze the fabric without rubbing
  • Rinse in cool and clean water.
  • DO NOT twist or wring, this will damage the delicate fibres.
  • To dry, lay it smoothly on a flat rack or a towel away from direct sunlight.

Our Director Rossana shows how to clean your cashmere essentials:

Once dry, if you need to iron we recommend steaming. Pilling is a natural characteristic and is not a fault. It will reduce over time, making your cashmere feel even softer. Remove with a pilling comb. 

Handle caro with care and store it in our handmade silk pouch. Our scarves are made to last.